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You can now navigate to the “Explore” screen, and you’ll easily find the piece of content you’re looking for.

How’s it going?

I wanted to highlight some of the recent product updates we’ve released.

One of the main requests from our members has been better search functionality. We’re happy to announce that we have completely relaunched our search feature. You can also search for types of content based on formats (e.g. Daily Brief) or topics (e.g. investing icons).

Secondly, you will have noticed that the “For you” screen now shows you all of the content we published in a daily chronological order. This makes it easier for you to browse through Daily Briefs or Analyst Insights from previous days.

Lastly, we have added a new content format in addition to our Daily Briefs, Analyst Insights, and Packs. We call it Quick Takes: our analysts dive into financial data and uncover exciting investing trends for you – packaged as one minute snippets.